Moses Appaqaq Jr.

          Moses Appaqaq Jr.

Resident of Sanikiluaq, Population 800, 56 deg. N 83 deg. W
DOB: April 2, 1946
Wife: Annie (Kittosuk) Appaqaq       Children: 6
Father: Allie Appaqaq (deceased)
Mother: Mary Appaqaq (deceased)
Brothers: 4                                          Sisters: 1
Language: Inuktitut/ little bite of english
Carving since: the age of 10               Initially taught by: Davidee Kavik (deceased) and by watching other carvers.

Source of soapstone:

During the summer Moses and the rest of the family goes to the main mining place at the Qullisajanniavik. He can also get them at the Qaqqaaluk, Tasitjuaq, and Akulivik which is in northern Quebec.


Moses carved so far seals, birds, persons, owls, polar bears, beluga whales, walrus, and kayaks. Moses recalls his first carving and sold at the Hudson's Bay Company for $0.05. “I bought bubble gum and ran home being very proud.”

Additional information:

All his life Moses is a hunter in his own time. He built his own house, and capable of making harpoons, qamutik (sled) and any hunting supplies. In 1979-87, Moses was a member of parliament of Northwest Territory. He is now a Director of Qikittaluk Corporation, including Kakivak. When the local co-op opened he worked there as a office clerk for eight years. Moses volunteer as a lay minister at the church.