Country Food

The people of the Belcher Islands eat all kinds of country food through out the whole year. Women use animal skins to make clothing during the winter time, such as kamiks from seal skin, also seal skin paaluks (mitts), fox fur for around the hood of the eider down parka to keep the head face warn from the cold as it shows in the picture below. The fox fur can be used for the mitts. Inuit do not waste any animal skins, they use it for anything that they can make. Elders of the Belcher Islands mostly eat country food because that is what they depended on a long time ago and that is what they are used to eating. Country Food is good to eat, it keeps you warm from the cold


Residents of the Hudson Bay bioregion identified 138 animal and 36 plant types, 4 types of marine plants, 10 different sea-bottom animals,, 11 sea mammal species, 6 species of marine fish, 14 sea birds, 7 ducks, 9 waterfowl, 21 freshwater fish, 30 land birds, 16 fur-bearing animals, 14 land animals, 17 types of berries and 15 plant species.


The Inuit of Sanikiluaq eat and use county food. They have all kinds of country food such as, fish, caribou, cod fish, fox, polar bear, mussels, urchins, sea cucumbers, star fish, canada goose, ring seal, beluga whale, rabbit, cullemot, eider duck, harlequin duck, old squaw, marganser, loons, square flipper seal, walrus, caplin, blue berries, black berries, cloud berries, and red berries, snowy owls, lemmings. There is alot more out there in the land and sea.