The Hunters and the Polar Bear
There were two hunters walking on the land in the late afternoon. It was foggy and the first hunter name Atiitaq said, “I don’t like this land but there’s only two of us and we are good friends, what won’t make us go home?”
After saying this nanuq(polar bear) showed up.
Atitaq began to shout, he wasn’t thinking and went on top of a huge rock. The second hunter name Ujaujuaq, just went behind him and started laying down. He suddenly knew that he has lost the bear, but tried to notice and listen on the land without moving or breathing. He once was told that the polar bears shouldn’t be touched until they are completely dead. Then nanuq examined Ujaujuaq, smelling him, play with his head, checking his nose, mouth, and ears. Umaujuaq finally started moving and took a deep breathe. A little while later nanuq started walking away after trying to kill the second hunter.
Since nanuq wasn’t there anymore, Atiitaq slowly began to go down from the rock.
“Like this” said Atiitaq and added. “I noticed that the nanuq’s mouth was pretty close, to your ears. What did I tell you?”
Finally Ujaujuaq said, “You were right about how nanuq shouldn’t be touched, eventhough I was told that we were going to be friends, but as soon as it started running, something pretty bad could happen.