How would like fix the cut?


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There were no bandages back then, with the Inuit way seal’s fat was the only medicine they had. A person with a cut was treated with a seal’s fat only if it was available. They would take the fat that was attached to the skin and make it thinner and they would wrap around with it if someone had a very deep cut. They would chew it and make it thinner with a small amount of fat left and put it into the cut. The seal’s fat would become much more dryer and they would chew it and remove the fat, with the old cloth, that they had it for a long time and had ragged, an old cloth was used for a bandage and put some fat into the cut so that the blood could stop eventually. And if it continues to bleed they would put some cloth and raise it upwards or put some kind of a stick so that it would stop bleeding. They could put some cigarette paper if they had no seal’s fat. When they put a bandage because it was bleeding, they saw a red line that’s going up from the cut, it was already healed when it was bandaged not for long and they had to open the cut on purpose so that they could clean it up with their tongue and take out the little rocks and dirt that were inside the wound and was causing the red line to go up because it had rocks and dirt inside, so they gave the person a pill and cleaned the wound and then the red line was gone.
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