A mold is not impetigo, it is a hard service, it can be anywhere within the body. There is no fluid in it and a lemming can show the fluid. The lemmings feet were used first so that they can carry the fluid onto the top of the skin, they can cut the body only if there is no more feet and cut them into small pieces and try not to cut them big pieces because it might develop a big cut from the mold’s fluid I mean only when it’s softer they should put some lemming onto the mold. They often try to feel if there’s any softness around the mold, only if there is some softness around then they can put some lemming’s skin in it. If there is no softness then you should not put the lemming. The lemming’s skin would get smaller and smaller because they would use up all the skin, only if it doesn’t have anymore feet then they should start using the lemming’s skin. With a small soap in the lemming’s skin they would put it onto the skin and try not put some too much soap because the skin might cut wide open if they put too much soap on the lemming’s skin. If the skin is white and the fluid is shown I mean the fluid is not yet shown and the skin is whiter then the fluid is near, the lemming’s skin with small soap would cause the fluid to show on the skin and then it would start to itch when the fluid is nearly on the top of the skin and then they would check the service around the white skin and remove the lemming’s skin and the fluid could be seen and it would explode. They should not try to let the fluid out and try not to force it because it has to come out by itself. The mold has a (person) as well. If that (person) is causing the fluid to come out then they would take the thickest hair and tie it around that (person). Then they would pull the (person) very carefully and try not to brake it or leave out anything behind, if it does brake and leave out some of that (person) then that means that it will get mold again someday, if they don’t leave anything behind then that means that it will never get mold again.
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