Transportation is the most important part of Sanikiluaq. People in town use ATV's and Snowmoblies to work or hunting or even just going for a ride. They do not drive cars or trucks. Not many people in town have cars. If you have a job, that is the only time you would drive a truck. A long time ago Inuit people used to have dog teams and they used kayaks but today Inuit use machines. People from Sanikiluaq calls ATV, a Honda and a Snowmoblie a Ski-doo. An Airplane is the only way out of Sanikiluaq. The Plane comes in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The cargo ship and the barge comes in once a year to deliver supplies and materials to the Stores and town.



From Montreal to Sanikiluaq and back is $2039.65
-30% discount $1436.17

From Kuujjuarapik to Sanikliuaq and back is $306.02
-30% discount $214.21



Honda (ATV, 4 wheeler)

Ski-doo (snowmobile)