What businesses are in town?

Saniit Co-op is a small arts and crafts store. It sells material and parkas,mitts and vests. The materials they sell are made by the women in Sanikiluaq. Eider down is also cleaned here.

This is the Mitiq Co-op and it is a business in town.

Sanny Internet service is the only service in town that accesses to the internet and it is operated by Bob McLean.

Gas Station is owned by Silas Tookalook. It opened in 1976 and it is still running.

The Northern Store is a business in town.

Daycare Craft Shop sells all sorts of things that are made by hand, such as picture frames and dolls.

Kawtaq Construction is a business, where the guys build houses for the Community, and also they fix broken machines.



David Mickyuk-Parts is a business that sells ski-doo(snowmoblie) parts.

Aqpik Gift Shop is a little shop that sells Knick Knacks from a cateloge called Reagal.